The Accelerator

Go from Stuck to On Track in 3 Months!

Go from:
  • Stuck in the past
  • Stuck in old thoughts and behaviours
  • Not moving forward
  • Haunted by insecurities 
  • Lacking confidence
  • Not reaching your potential
  • Be at peace with the past
  • Release old blocks
  • Moving forward with ease
  • New mindset and habits
  • Confident and secure in yourself
  • Finally reaching your potential
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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Hege and I’m the founder of Femnifique. As a survivor of emotional abuse I know what it’s like to feel disempowered. Once I walked away from that experience I began a journey of deep transformation and healing through life coaching, therapy and extensive research and study of psychology, personal development and spirituality. 


As an artist (I’m also a singer/songwriter!) I have used my creativity as a tool for healing and self expression and after many years of investing in my own growth through coaching and developing my own initiatives and methods, I have found myself naturally guiding and leading other women to achieve the same results; joy, resilience and an unshakeable confidence with an unbreakable spirit is within our grasp if we have the courage to seek it and to find the support we need to claim it!


I now feel called to share my knowledge and wisdom to support other amazing women to fulfil their potential and find greater productivity, wellbeing and self love on their journeys.


I'm a certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner with a Diploma in the Divine Feminine and a Certificate in Tarot taking a holistic approach to developing inner leadership in women. 

My superpower is my enthusiasm and positive energy as well as my conviction that absolutely ANYTHING is possible if it’s aligned with your highest self and you are brave enough to chase it! 

Together we can be the change we wish to see. 


Hege is a lovely and caring lady with a white bright soul. She helped me through my limiting beliefs and gave me many tips to help combat my flat mood. She is very easy to talk to, her friendly face makes it feel like you are just talking to a friend. 

Hege went above and beyond by emailing me a massive list of resources, including a book list, YouTube and Spotify playlist. 

She is approachable, knowledgable and extremely caring - all the things that make a coach a great coach. 

Would highly recommend. Thank you Hege for putting me back on track!

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Are you living below your potential?

You were made for more than living with low confidence, worry and stress. You were made for more than average and mediocre.

If you are ready to step outside your comfort zone, grow your confidence and focus so you can progress in every area of your life and find the success and fulfilment you know you deserve read on!

What is The Accelerator?

The Ultimate Programme for women who are ready to face their fears and take their life to the next level in 3 Months!

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? Would you like more confidence, self belief and clarity around your long term vision?

Would you like more productivity, wellbeing and to be able to stick to new habits without self sabotage?

If so The Accelerator is for you!

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Here's How We'll Get There Together:

The Accelerator Method Consists of the following:

Month 1

Releasing resistance and blocks  and gaining clarity through:

  • Life Coaching and NLP

  • Shadow Work (based on Jungian Psychology)

  • Moon Circle Release Rituals

  • Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Month 2

Creating new beliefs and habits and reprogramming you for success:

  • Life Coaching and NLP

  • Guided Visualisations and Meditations

  • Subliminal Meditations

  • Moon Circle Manifestation Rituals

  • Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Month 3

Creating a roadmap for success and solidifying new habits and beliefs:

  • Life Coaching & NLP

  • Divine Feminine Energy Coaching

  • Visualisations and Meditations

  • Moon Circle Release and Manifestation Rituals

  • Productivity Coaching and Goal Setting

  • Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

  • Strategic Toolkit for Success

What's Included?

The Accelerator includes the following:

  • Weekly 1-2-1 sessions (1 hour) 

  • WhatsApp support in between sessions

  • Access to free resources and study recommendations

  • Access to The Moon Circle Club - a virtual hang out during every full moon and new moon to do releasing and manifestation rituals with an oracle card reading

  • Oracle and tarot card readings for spiritual guidance

  • Personalised Astrology Guidance - how to use Astrology as an energetic tool

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