"I believe every woman should have the opportunity and support to develop the confidence, joy and inner peace to live the life she not only wants, but also deeply deserves."



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Hi, I’m Hege and I’m the founder of Femnifique. 


As an artist (I’m also a singer/songwriter!) I have used my creativity as a tool for healing and self expression and after many years of investing in my own growth through coaching and developing my own initiatives and methods, I have found myself naturally guiding and leading other women to achieve the same results; joy, resilience and an unshakeable confidence with an unbreakable spirit is within our grasp if we have the courage to seek it and to find the support we need to claim it!


I now feel called to share my knowledge and wisdom to support other amazing women to fulfil their potential and find greater productivity, wellbeing and self love on their journeys.


I'm a certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner with a Diploma in the Divine Feminine and a Certificate in Tarot taking a holistic approach to developing inner leadership in women. 

My superpower is my enthusiasm and positive energy as well as my conviction that absolutely ANYTHING is possible if it’s aligned with your highest self and you are brave enough to chase it! 

Together we can be the change we wish to see. 


Femnifique uses the best of personal development, psychology and spirituality to educate, motivate and inspire women to bring about lasting transformation in combination with the principles of divine feminine energy.

The principles behind The Femnifique Method is that only through embracing our feminine energy and learning to reconnect and put trust in our innate wisdom can we as women lead from a place of integrity and cultivate the power that resides within us.


Femnifique is a fusion of the words 'Feminine' and the French word 'magnifique'. This fusion describes a woman who is secure in her femininity and has cultivated a sense of inner power to lead with grace.  


Are you ready to level up and become Femnifique?

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Femnifique's mission is to empower and inspire women everywhere to develop their inner leadership and self-awareness, to grow in confidence, joy, resilience and grace.
Femnifique seeks to empower women through a fusion of the best tools from psychology, spirituality and personal development and to educate women on how to live in harmony with their divine feminine energy.